Welcome to Morse!


Our third grade students from the challenge program, Ms. Restivo, Ms. Gentile, and Mr.Pitz's classes have worked together to create a Morse Guide for incoming second grade students. After attending for two years, these third grade students are Morse experts. This guide is a way for them to pass their knowledge on and help new students feel comfortable when they come to Morse. The guide can be reached from the Tarrytown Schools home page. Simply click on “Morse Guide Wiki” on the right of the web page under Grades k-3. You can read the guide with your child and are welcome to leave comments or questions in each page's discussion tab. The discussion tab is found along the top of the page.

The students wrote, edited, and collaborated on each page of this guide. This is a wiki, which means that most pages have been worked on by several students. When you click on the history tab at the top of each page you can see who the authors are and witness the writing process. From the history tab you can compare revisions and see how the pages were built.

Keep in mind that this project will never quite be finished. The school changes from year to year, and each third grade class will adopt the guide, updating and adding to it. Like every wiki, this project is always under construction!

If you feel something is well written, that something has been left out, or if you are just curious about learning more, we would love to hear from you. You can leave comments in the discussion tabs on the wiki or email me at jcalvert - at - tufsd.org

Don't hesitate!!!!