School starts at eight thirty and ends at three.
We start dismissal at 3:00.

Bus Rules:
  1. Always stay in your seat when the bus is moving.
  2. Always put your seat belt on.
  3. No throwing things out the window.
  4. Always use your indoor voice.
  5. Always keep your head, arms and legs away from the aisle.
  6. Always keep your arms, legs, and head inside the bus.
  7. No walking behind the school or the bus by yourself.
  8. No eating on the bus!
  1. There are crossing guards at the street corners.
  2. Wait until they give you permission to cross the street.
  3. When you get to the school yard, wait for someone to guide you around the busses and cars.
  4. Look both ways before crossing.
  5. Try to walk with a buddy.
Drops Off's:
  1. Drop off''s are driven to the right side of the blacktop.
  2. When you are dropped off you enter from the side of the building.
  3. Then you walk up the stairs to the auditorium.
  4. The drop off area is only at the right side of the blacktop, nowhere else.
  5. You have to wait till your car is up to the sign that says Drop Off Area.

At Morse:
During the first week at school we meet outside and line up by class. There are signs to tell you where your class will meet. You will also see familiar faces to help you find your way.

Once you know your teacher, we begin meeting in the auditorium. Normally Mr. Farrell and Mr. Fischer meet us in the auditorium. Mr. Farrell will pick students to go on the stage and practice their jump roping. Sometimes this is even a contest. If you are not picked to go on the stage you will be sitting with your class. You can read a book, quietly talk to the people around you, or watch the people jumping. Mr. Farrell dismisses us by grade and class. The 2nd graders get to go first. They are followed by the third graders.
Once you unpack and get ready to start the day, the Principal will start by saying the Pledge of Allegiance and any morning announcements. If you come in after the announcements you need to get a late pass from the Office.

Photo by Derek