1. Please Do Not run in the hallways because you collide or crash into someone when you go around a corner.
  2. Please Do Not write on the bathroom walls because this is our school and we need to take care of it. It's also more work for the janitors.
  3. Please Do Not yell or scream in the hallways because you'll disturb other classes.
  4. Please Do Not say you can't do something. Never give up!
  5. Please always do your work because if you don't you'll have to do it for homework.
  6. Be nice because you will make a lot of friends.
  7. Please use polite words because then you will make a lot of friends.
  8. Please keep your hands and feet to yourself because it is important to respect each others personal space.
  9. Please never chew gum at school because you can choke. You can also bite your tongue.
  10. Please pay attention to the teacher because that is how you learn.
  11. Please no running in the bathroom because you might slip and you could get hurt.
  12. Please do not send notes during class because you can get in BIG trouble, and your teacher might read them out loud to your class, and you don't want that, do you???
  13. Please do not whisper to your neighbor when they are doing their work because you will distract them and you and your neighbor will never finish your work! You will then have a lot of HOMEWORK!
  14. Do not play pranks on the teacher because I am 100% sure he or she will not like it!!!
  15. Never hit another person or you will get into trouble and even more importantly they will get hurt.
  16. Never eat or drink on the bus because you could choke.
  17. Please Do Not have a party in the bathroom because if a teacher catches you, you will be in trouble.
  18. Never eat or drink in the auditorium because you might spill something and it costs a lot to clean it up.
  19. Always say positive things to each other.
  20. Never wear hats inside because it is not polite.