My Weird School Series includes books like Miss Daisy is Crazy, Ms.Coco is Loco, Ms. Hananah is Bananas, and Mr. Klutz is Nuts to name a few. This series is about a young boy named AJ. All the teachers in AJ's school do not know how to do their job. Each book in the series is about a different grown-up that AJ has to deal with.

Miss Daisy is Crazy is the first book in this series. Miss Daisy is AJ's second grade teacher. Miss Daisy does not know how to add, subtract, read or write. School is crazy for AJ. Could you imagine having a teacher who didn't know anything?

This book makes independent reading fun. My weird School Series will definitely make any 2nd or 3rd grader laugh out loud. You may even imagine your school like AJ's! These books are great for incoming 2nd Graders.