The Magie Tree House Series

If you don't know what book to read you should read the Magic Tree House Series. These books let you go back in time to the dinosaurs, Japan, Egypt and much, much more.

Jack and Annie are the two main characters in this series. They are siblings who play in a tree house. Inside their tree house they have many books. When they open a book to a destination the tree house travels to that place and time. Jack and Annie have many adventures in many different times and places. There is always something they need to get from the location they visit! This series is historical fiction. That meanes it gives you real information. It also has a fiction story along with it. It is a fun series! All Jack and Annie need to do in the tree house is open up a book, point to the spot they want to go and say "I wish we could go there." To come home they need to open a book and say ''I wish we could go there.''
This series is awesome
for all kids because they are chapter books. The stories and adventures are entertaining. It is great to learn with Jack and Annie about their location. Every place and time is different.They have research guides incase you want to learn more.