Second grade classes go to lunch at different times, but it starts at 12:30. Lots of people like lunch because it is homemade right from the cafeteria. They make the best pizza in the world!!!!!!!!(In my opinion) And chicken nuggets - yummmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!(In my opinion). But you have to be quiet or you will get in trouble by the lunch aids. And in the morning if you go to the cafeteria they serve breakfast! They are very nice to do that!! They serve good things there too. The first time you are there you would wonder how you could ever have put up with the other schools lunches!!!!!!!! ......................SO GO EAT!!!!!!!!! (The person who typed this either REALLY REALLY likes this lunch or wants the cooks to get lots of money) Some typical dishes in the cafeteria are meatball wedge, grilled cheese, pasta, chicken nuggets and chicken patty, hamburger and pizza, Brunch for lunch (french toast sticks), chef salad and the last 3 to 4 days of the school year is the cooks choice. You can buy snacks that costs 75 cents. The teachers will not let you leave until you finish your lunch so be sure you order the right thing in the morning and the afternoon