Hundreds of people could play jump rope. You can share jump ropes with other people. The rules of the game is no throwing the jump ropes on the floor and no hitting people with the jump ropes. Also, you can't tie them together.

If you want to play double dutch you need two long ropes. If you want to play jump ropes you need one long jump rope. How you play is you hold the jump rope tight and you begin to turn the jump rope and when the jump rope is almost in front of you, jump. You keep on turning and doing the same thing. To do the super sonic you jump only one time real high but you turn the rope fast and it must past under your feet two times. To do the criss cross you jump about five or ten times. When you get to five or ten you cross your arms and jump one time with your arms crossed. After that, you separate your arms and keep jumping. If you want to do the crisscross again you don't have to stop jumping. Jump five or ten times again and you could keep doing the criss cross without stopping.

Its lots of fun to jump rope with your friends. You could make new buds with people that like the same thing as you. Sometimes you can make a jump rope rotation with friends.