Human Dodgeball
To play human dodge ball there's a huge circle with colored shapes going around the edge of the circle. Each person goes on a shape and someone goes in the center. The reason its called human dodgeball is because someone is in the center and they have to dodge the ball. The ball has to bounce before hitting the person. My favorite thing is to go in the center to dodge the balls.

Super Human Dodgeball
In Super Human Dodgeball there are 4 letters A, B, C, and D. If one person is standing on a shape close to D the person in the center has to go to D then the person on the shape has to try to hit the ball to the person in the center. The ball has to bounce before it hits the person and the person in the center has to dodge the ball. Whoever hit the person switches spots, so the person in the center goes to the person's shape .The person who hit the boy in the center goes to the center.

The human dodgeball circle could be used for 4 square because there are the same letters in the 4 square court. There are 5 courts to play 4 square. If you don't want to play human dodgeball you could just play human pinball. You don't have to run to the 4 square court to take a ball because there's a ball next to the human dodgeball court.