Hop Scotch is a game you can play during outdoor recess.You will find the hopscotch near the lower playground. Hop Scotch is a game you play alone or with friends. All you need is a beanbag to play. You toss the beanbag on the squares and it should land on a number. You hop on the game board but skip the number the with beanbag. To make hop scotch tricky, throw your bean bag on 1. Then, jump over one and land on 2 with only one foot! Continue this until you get back to 2, and pick up the bean bag on 1 and jump on one and go back to the line. Then, keep doing this, but throw your bean bag on 2 the next time you go, and so on. Make sure you don't step on a line, the number with bean bag or go out of the hop scotch board! Also, don't put 2 feet down!