Harry Potter

Harry is a wizard and he didn't know it until Hagrid (Hogwarts grounds keeper) came in to his house and told him.
His parents were wizards too. Harry goes to Hogwarts School. At school, he makes some friends and some enemies. There are 7 books and they are all about magic, Harry, and his friends. This series of books is written by J.K Rowling short for Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Harry tries to get away from the dark wizard named Voldemort while getting in trouble at his magical school, where paintings move and talk and stairs move!!!!! The Harry Potter series is a very fun and interesting number of books and is good for older readers.


Hedwig is Harry's snowy owl. When Harry and Hagrid went to Diagon Alley, it was Harry's birthday! Then Hagrid got him an owl and Harry named it Hedwig. Every Hogwarts student needs to have a pet. Hedwig gives letters to other people and brings letters back (of course). When Harry needs to return to the dreaded Dursleys house in the summer, he has to keep Hedwig with him. At that time Harry uses Hedwig for giving and returning letters to his friends. When Harry's at Hogwarts and doesn't need Hedwig, he keeps Hedwig in a place where all the other students owls are kept. In Hogwarts, all the owls are kept in the Owlrey. So, that is where Hedwig is kept when Harry doesn't need Hedwig. Harry visit's the owlrey if he needs to give Hedwig a letter, or pick up a returned letter that Hedwig brought to him.

Harry's freinds

Harry's best freinds names are Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.