When I arrived at Morse School on the first day I felt like I wasn't going to make any friends and it was all my fault. Like I was too boring, or nobody would like me! Well, after I got over my nerves we went to meet the teachers. The teacher said, "Okay students, my name is Ms. McCabe and I'll collect your supplies now if you have them. When you're done with that go and look around the classroom."

After we were done looking around she told us what we were going to do that day: writing, social studies, math and science. I felt more comfortable once I knew what was going to happen. Once we completed those activities it was dismissal. I felt like everything was okay and my teacher was going to teach me many things. I felt like I was going to be successful and I was safe. It felt like a weight was off my shoulders so I wasn't afraid anymore. I couldn't wait until the next day. I was so excited to come back to school.