101 Ways to Train a Dragon

Dragon Slayers' Acadamy(DSA)

Dragon Slayers' Acadamy(DSA) is about a poor kid who is third oldest of eight peasants and is sent to a school that teaches how to slay dragons!!! The kid is named Wiglaf and he dosen't have $1.00! Speaking of money, his friend Angus is going too and his gold obsessed uncle is the headmaster. Mordred will do anything for money! Wiglaf also meets a new friend named Erica who calls herself Eric, because it is an all boy school. In alot of the books a fire breathing,sharp clawed, talking dragon is in it. Each dragon has a name.

There are about 16 books in the seires. My favorite book is 101 ways to train a dragon. In the book Wiglaf gets a pet dragon.
I highly recemend this book series.