Chess program
If you like chess you should attend the chess program. The chess program happens twice a year. The first session is fall to winter and the second one is from winter to spring. Each session is eight weeks long. Your teacher is Mr. Baust. He is very nice, but he has some rules like all teachers do. His rules are you stop playing chess when Mr. Baust askes you to. Another rule is only to walk not to run. Also do not talk when you are playing. You lose your concentration, Mr. Baust says. The Chess program takes place during your lunch time. For second graders it from 12:00 to 1:00. For third graders it is from 11:00 to 12:00. If you attend the chess program the you have to go to the auditorium. Most of the kids like to play chess more than anything else. If you like to play, you should eat fast. You bring your lunch to the chess program. Playing chess is fun because it is one of my most favorite activies. Also Mr. Baust gives a lecture every week. You should listen to him because if you follow what he says you will become a better player. Chess is a good game to play because it gets your mind active. Do not get mad if you lose because even the best chess players in the world lose. Also you can learn from your mistakes. So I am encouraging the children to go for it if they like chess.