On my first day in the morning I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I was incredibly scared going to my new school. I was not familiar with the school and I did not know anyone or where anything was. When I saw many familiar faces I knew it would be a great year! I had a lot of things going on in the morning. Let me tell you about some of those things. First I arrived at Morse and went to the school yard. A lot of the teachers were showing me where to go. I saw my teacher's name, Ms. Ore, on our class cone and everyone from our class was sitting behind it, so I joined them. During the day, my classmates made patterns with their names on them and shared the patterns. This helped us learn each others names. Better yet, our teacher made one so that we could learn her name too! At the end of the day I felt relieved. The first day of school was alright. I was really looking foward to the next day. So good luck to you future second graders!!