4-square courts

Photo by Josh

4 square

If you want to play 4 square you need a inflated ball to play. The reason they called it 4 square is that there's a square and its cut into 4 other squares. All the rules for 4 square are that you have to hit the ball under-hand not over-hand. Each square has a letter, A ,B, C and D. A is the person to serve the ball. If you hit the ball and it bouces out of the whole square you're out. If a letter witch comes before your letter is out you move up a letter. The person first in line goes to the letter D. If the ball hits you're square twice, you're out.

The secret to 4 square is to hit under hand to the other squares but not yours. Hit the ball low and hard but not so hard because you will get out.If you get out you go to the back of the line. If you hit the ball on to the white line or your out. You don't have to stay in your own square and you can't hit the ball when it's in the other persons square. When you hit it over hand it is called a spike. You can't use both of your hands just one hand. Try not to hit the ball to high because it might get you out then you have to get on the line but if there isn't a line you just go to the letter D. You could duck low and hit the ball when it is low to the other persons square. If you are far away from the ball you could run to the ball and hit it to the other persons square.

4 square is fun because it gives excersise for your arms. It gives exersise for your feet because if the ball is far from your square you could run to the ball and hit it to another persons square. The most important thing is sportsmenship. Sportsmenship is that you say nice things like good job, you did great, and nice job. You play 4 square when it's outdoor recces. There are three 4 square games outside so a lot of people can play 4 square. The Human Dodge ball court can be used as a 4 square court.